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Dear listeners

Thank you for coming ! My name is Cyber-Rainforce, independent music composer living in Japan. I compose many musics (MP3, Ogg, and SMF) for video games (e.g. RPG maker). These music are able to categorizing to synth pops, techno, and trance.
If you like the my music, please share !

License for English speakers


You can use Cyber-Rainforce musics for your products. If you want to use the my musics for your products, please read the term of the license.


Please read the term of the following license before downloading the Cyber-Rainforce musics. By downloading the musics, you agree to become bound by the term of license. If you not agree with the term of the license, do not use the my musics.

The copyright of all musics remain the property of Cyber-Rainforce.

You can modify the Cyber-Rainforce musics (file format, arrange, remixing, and more).

You can use Cyber-Rainforce musics for your products (free or commercial use) as music resources. If you use Cyber-Rainforce’s musics in your movie, web pages, and video games, please give the copyright credit.

  • ex.) Musics (music titles) by Cyber-Rainforce
  • https://cyber-rainforce.net/

You “CANNOT” distribute Cyber-Rainforce music files (including the modified files) without any your products.

If you distribute the your products using Cyber-Rainforce music, Please embed in your products or add to your products.
You can use musics for commercial use without fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

cyber_rainforce(at)yahoo.co.jp (at) is equal to @.

Thanks for reading to the end.